Precomputed Global Illumination in Frostbite (GDC 2018)

GDC talk on several lightmap rendering techniques used in Star Wars Battlefront II, FIFA and Madden. Discussed topics include path tracing for lightmaps, spherical harmonics (baking, encoding, diffuse and specular evaluation), automatic convergence detection (AKA adaptive sampling) and efficient lightmap atlas packing.

FrameGraph (GDC 2017)

GDC talk on how Frostbite handles rendering architecture challenges that come with having to support a wide variety of games on a single engine. It describes Frostbite rendering abstraction design, which is based on a graph of all render passes and resources. This approach allows implementation of rendering features in a decoupled and modular way, while still maintaining efficiency.

Tiled Light Trees (I3D 2017)

Technical paper on adaptive data structure and algorithm for light source culling in real-time applications. Written together with Matthäus Chajdas (AMD) for I3D 2017.