Probulator (2015)

Experimentation framework for probe-based lighting. Developed with David Neubelt.


Princess Overdrive (2015)

Global Game Jam entry created by few people in 48 hours. The game takes place after the traditional adventure platformer game ends. The hero that’s supposed to save the princess accidentally dies after killing the boss and the princess has to survive on her own. Coming from the right side, the princess gets attacked by other heroes, who think she’s a monster of the Right Side.

Exception (2013)

Part of Electronica - Music By Programmers compilation. A music album created by software developers to raise £5,000 for maths workshops at Bletchley Park and a programming club at The National Museum Of Computing.

ArcadeShooter (2011)

Dual analog stick shooter game running in Native Client

Rush (2011)

C++ library for my pet projects

Insight (2010)

Instrumented thread profiler for Win32 C++ applications.